• Communication, Security Body Language, How to ask questions, & Physical training.
• Personal behavior on duty & mannerisms and Public Relation.
• Handling different people, Visitors/ Control and Parking control.
• Identification of documents e.g. Gate Pass, LD. Card Ete.
• Preserving the Incident Scene.
• First Aid, Emergency Treatment & Other ailments.
• Knowledge of Frisking, Metal Detector & Electronic Equipment’s.
• Evacuation Procedures.
• Fire Prevention & protection.
• Knowledge of total Fire Fighting Training.
• Fire Drill, Foot Drill demo & practice.
• Firefighting equipment’s and Types of Extinguishers.
• How to handle fire Hydrant, sprinkler system, smoke Detector ete.
• Access Control: to provide understanding of identification, CCTV, access control processes,
procedures and technology.